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How to keep your rental property expenses lower.

After last weeks discovery of water damage under the kitchen sink, it was apparent at some point in past history, there had been a leak.

How could someone not notice?

Was it faulty plumbing? A case of brain fart in leaving a tap open or perhaps some other unknown event? Whatever it was, this event led to my contractors having to pull the entire cabinetry out to replace all of the sub-flooring along the kitchen wall. What a job and an unexpected added cost at that!

But this is my takeaway…

I will ensure that there is a bi-annual walkthrough built into my lease agreement to allow for inspections.

Things to look for: any items that may need to be fixed such as leaky faucets, toilets etc. I think this is a great idea for any landlord with rental properties.

A small issue may seem trivial to the renter, but for those responsible for the repair= big money down the drain. Protect your asset and your bottom line.

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