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Course and Coaching

If you're a busy professional looking to invest confidently in multifamily syndications, the Wicked Wealth Mentorship program is the perfect six-month solution for you.


Our combined group, one-on-one coaching and customized roadmap will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to build a passive real estate portfolio that offers cash flow and financial freedom, tailored to your specific financial goals.


This program addresses common fears and pain points, such as analysis paralysis and uncertainty, by offering module lessons, guidance on vetting sponsors and deals, and accountability to ensure you stay focused and motivated. Join our one-stop-shop for all things passive investing and take your first step towards financial freedom today.


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Free guide to passive investing

Real estate investing does not have to be difficult. This free guide will give you a head start on what investing as an LP (Limited Partner) is all about.

Don't wait to create your ideal future!

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