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At Wicked Holdings, we are here to help educate and give you the confidence to invest.


We want you to feel comfortable, excited and ready for your new journey as a Limited Partner in our multifamily investments.

You won't be left in the dark or disappointed!

Investor Process

Diversifying your assets to grow wealth, financial independence and positively impact communities is not a difficult process.


Here we break down the steps to becoming an investor partner in multifamily.

Once negotiations and multiple exit strategies have been determined, we will notify our investors by sharing the investor deck/ offering memorandum. If you are signed up on the investor portal, you will get a head start at viewing.

Identify target property

Identifying the right property based on location, purchase price and strategy is the first step on our end. We negotiate the best offers so that we can get excited for the next step.

Notify investors


You will then reserve your spot for the offering. This happens on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested, then this step is vital to ensure you grab a spot on the investment. There are limited spots available.

Review documents

Here you will review the subscription docs, PPM (Private Placement Memorandum), and other documents associated with the investment and ask any additional questions.

Provide funding

Once documents have been reviewed, questions answered and you have been approved, the next step is to fund your capital investment. You can wire this through our secure online portal. Instructions will be provided.


The final step in the process is to let us handle the work. At this point, we have closed on the property and begun implementing the business plan.


One quarter is used to stabilize and go through the financials, followed by an additional 30 days. After this time frame (unless otherwise indicated) distributions of cash flows will begin on a quarterly basis. You are one step closer down the path to financial independence.


Meet the team


Tim Vest, Managing Director
Harvest Properties Group

Tim Vest has more than 15 years in real estate, development and mentorship. From partnering with developers, to developing raw land, to purchasing and investing in single family rentals, fix and flips, multifamily and hotels. He is currently an owner and partner on multiple apartment communities. Outside of his passion for Real Estate, Tim has also enjoyed a 20+ year career in Technology, founded multiple startups and enjoys music, sports, travel and an active lifestyle. Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing support from his wife of 20 years, Sara, and their soccer star daughter, Payton.


Tim Vitale, Owner
Upside Capital

Tim Vitale is the Founder and Owner of Upside Capital based out of Charlotte, NC. His past experience includes a role as the AVP of Finance for a F500 Insurance Company. He specializes in underwriting, analysis, and budgeting. Tim was born into a commercial real estate family and owns rental property in the Charlotte area. In his free time he not only mentors other individuals in the space, but also enjoys relaxation time with his wife while boating. He is also an active investor and syndicator in the Southeast USA.


Nicole Gauthier, Founder
Wicked Holdings

Nicole Gauthier is the Founder and CEO of Wicked Holdings; a real estate investment company focused on social change and community empowerment. Her experience began in residential real estate doing rehabs and land purchasing. She quickly pivoted into owning and operating Multifamily real estate syndications and passively investing. She is a financial literacy advocate, Founder of the Wicked Wealth podcast and a mentor for those looking for passive investing opportunities. Her hobbies include recording podcast episodes, reading, working out and spending time with her family.

Join the investor community

 I welcome you to join the community to stay in the loop on current and future investment opportunities in multifamily real estate with us.

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