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Why get invested in real estate?

I'm sure you've heard by now that 90% of the worlds millionaires obtained their wealth and net worth through investing/owning real estate. But why else would one want to get into real estate?

Here's a few reasons:

1. Cash flows to grow your income so that you don’t have to clock in as much.

2. Equity multiples that contribute to drastic growth in your investments… I promise your dividends are not measuring up.

3. Preferred returns are great. You earn as LP before anyone else is paid. YES, even before the operators because our investors are our priority.

4. Tax benefits. Wait, why is this?

The government likes to see you contributing positively to society….by paying taxes, taxes and then more taxes. Do you think the banks are going into their bank owned homes and rehabbing to give people a fresh new start? Not at all! It’s up to us investors to turn these properties around so that our tenants can live better lives. In return, we get benefits from the government for doing so. Benefits in the way of tax savings that offset other earnings.

See how this is all adding up?

The key is to just start!

If you want to take the next steps towards your passive investing journey, book a call with me. I'd love to help you get started so that you can #learnwhileyouearn.

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