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Tax time

Is it dreaded or to be celebrated?

Lol, well that depends which side of the road you're on! If you are investing in real estate syndications, aka businesses, then you're probably excited for tax time.

If you're doing things the way we've always been taught is "tried and true" then buckle up, you may in fact owe again this year.

But nevertheless, we are in the season of K-1's!

A K-1 is a tax document that outlines your investment income, losses, distributions and capital gains in a business partnership.

We investors like these. 😁

Here's one of mine for this year. It shows I lost $8059, when I really had $4,000 in distributions paid to me. In fact, I even shared a screenshot of a $1000 LP distribution to money. I lost not a penny.

Talk about tax benefits! (LEGAL)

So here, I will take my "loss" and happily report to save on any potential current or future tax liabilities.

That's the power of investing in real estate.

You are incentivized in major ways and you can maximize this benefit to win.

P.s. I don't preach what I don't already do myself.

I'm showing you how it works because it really does work. And if you're wanting to be on the side of the tracks where you can save too, reach out or make sure you're on the portal to see future opportunities.

Always here to help.

Signing off for now,


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