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No Money? Are you sure?

I’ve seen a lot of investment opportunities and quite honestly, the minimums can be steep. I get it. I've been there and I understand!

Because of this, I've had to get creative with how I financed my LP investments.

One way to get ahold of this opportunity is to think of other capital resources that you may have. They may not be obvious such as cash sitting around, but the opportunity is there for the taking.

Some typical sources of investment monies are the obvious cash and savings accounts. Yes..I'm talking to you. If you have cash sitting in an account, the 0.06% interest you are earning is being eaten away by the 8.5% inflation that has plagued society.

But cash meaning, liquid money available to you I.e. some brokerage accounts allow you to place cash in an account without actually investing it into an illiquid transaction. Or you might have cash in a high yield savings account and are done with the 0.5% interest.

Other sources of money to invest could be:

  • Mutual funds

  • Old 401K’s

  • Self directed IRA’s (SDIRA’s.)

  • Stock

  • Margin loans, OR

  • Investing with a family member. If you have a joint account and someone else can contribute with you, then you both benefit from the investment. It’s really no different than jointly saving for a downpayment and purchasing a house together.

All in all, it’s helpful to determine where you are financially and if you truly want to get into apartment investing, it might take moving some things around.

Tally up all of those accounts and you might be surprised with what you find out is just lying around that could be put to better use.

If you want a great resource to help you with investing using a 401K or an IRA, click the link here to get information on eQRP.

A financial product that helps you take control of your own investment accounts by investing in real estate will full custodial rights and check book control.

Happy investing!

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