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Lessons learned from a 5 year old

So we got home late on Saturday night. After extra hugs and love from her little brother, our daughter overwhelmed with emotion, said “omg mommy, Ace is just so sweet and cute, I could cry happy tears.” 😭 We entered her room and she picked out a book called “I can do hard things.” At a younger age she was afraid to try new things. Weary of getting hurt. So I’d purchase books that helped talk about these feelings. We finish reading and I ask her why she felt so happy, what her favorite part of the day was and if she could draw something she did that made her feel happy. This is what she drew and asked me to write this for her word for word... “Doing a hard thing makes me happy. But just make sure not to give up.” The picture is of her at gymnastics jumping into the foam pit, her coach cheering and clapping. Years ago she’d refuse to jump. Scared of falling and getting stuck. I shared with her things that were hard for me and how I was overcoming it. The importance of not giving up, having fun and staying challenged. So I end it with this. Kids listen. They are rockstars and you can help them be the best version of themselves. Don’t change them, show them how to be better. To think and be inquisitive. I will add: now she’s in competitive gymnastics and LOVES everything about it. Does things much scarier than a foam pit jump. 😳 But it goes to show that scary things don’t stay that way if you face them head on. What do you want to face head on this year?

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