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Action. Take what's yours...

How do you turn action into results? 3 words: “By just doing.” Action means taking a step forward sometimes without any clear expectations of the exact result, other than its what’s needed to get you to the next step. But in doing that, there should be some level of measurement to show for what your doing. You decide what that is. What I will say is that you don’t need to know it all. You just need to know where you want to be and take the steps necessary to get there. It’s not always easy…I’m up writing this post at 11:43pm for tomorrow. I know when I wake, I’ll get my kids things ready and dropped off for school, get construction docs notarized begin my calls and meetings for most of my day and several things in between. So, this means I sometimes have to plan ahead to post each day. But there will come a time when I’ll look back and say woah, you fricken did that. And you can too! THAT gets me excited and the people I am beginning to help, and the lives I want to change inspires me to continue to give it my all. Happy Friday! 💕

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